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Time Logic's powerful software simplifies Award Interpretation, Rosters, Time Clock, Timesheets and Payslips. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Up to 10 Employees


Unlimited Employees

  Free   $59 per month
No Set Up Costs
No Start Up Fees
Employee Management
Colour Coded Employees
Fair Work Award Classifications
Apprentices, Trainees Supported
Group Employees by Own Defined Groups
Create Unlimited Employee Groups
Groups can be Departments, Locations, etc.
Employees can be in Multiple Groups
Award Interpretation
Includes Overtime, Penalties, Loadings and Allowances
Periods Start on your Pay Cycle First Day
Use Award Rates, Above Award Rates or Custom Rates
Use Normal or Absorption Method to Calculate Pay
Multiple Awards In Same Roster / Timesheet
Employees On Different Awards
Free Automatic Updates to Rates and Rules
End of Period Budgets / Actuals
Referenced Award Rule Sections
Award Rates (2010-2020)
Option to choose No Award
Option to specify your own rate
Custom Awards and Agreements
Customised Award Interpretation
Unlimited Rule Changes
Graphical Rosters including Drag and Drop
Print Rosters
Unlimited Free Roster Emails to Employees
Real-time Budgeted costs in Rosters
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Roster Views
Views Start on your Pay Cycle Start Day
Same View Rosters for 1 or Many Employees
View Rosters by Employee Group
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Budgeted Wages
Roster Meal & Rest Breaks
Ability to Enter Past Rosters
Award Rates Used Depending on Date
Time Clock
Can Be Used On Any Mobile Device
Improves Staff Punctionality
Automatic Timesheet Updates From Time Clock entry
Displays Current Time and Date
Displays Who's Currently Clocked On
Employee Notice Board
Graphical Timesheets including Drag and Drop
Print Timesheets
Unlimited Free Timesheet Emails to Employees
Real-time Actual Costs in Timesheets
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Timesheet Views
Views Start on your Pay Cycle Start Day
Same View Timesheets for 1 or Many Employees
View Timesheets by Employee Group
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Actual Wages
Log Meal & Rest Breaks
Automatic Timesheets from Time Clock
Approve Timesheets
Ability to Enter Past Timesheets
Award Rates Used Depending on Date
Payslips Generated from Approved Timesheet Wages
Print Payslips
Unlimited Free Emailed Payslips to Employees
Saved Payslips for RePrint/Re-Email
Add Payments such as Incentives and Reimbursements
Add Deductions
Super on OTE Automatically Generated
Removable Super
Free Email Support
Roll Out Assistance
Automatic Updates of New Features
Dedicated Account Manager
Custom Changes and Features
Premium Price includes GST. No hidden costs or surprises.

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