Award Wages to Match Monthly, Weekly or Daily View


Timesheet and pay calculator using easy drag and drop. Print timesheets or email straight to your employees. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Quick and Easy Timesheets

One-click timesheets or drag and drop for quick and easy creation. Resize and move entries makes changing times a breeze.

Real-time Actual Costs

Real-time Actual Costs displayed with each shift. Total Actual Costs for daily, weekly and monthly views.

Shift Specifics

Capture shift specific variables such as break times and individual wage timesheet conditions like working at a higher classification or working at another location.

Your Pay Cycle

Your Pay Cycle First Day is the start of each View. Actual wage totals start from your chosen Pay Cycle First Day instead of the conventional Monday to Sunday.

Different Views

Analyse your wages using Daily, Weekly and Monthly views. All totals are updated to match the chosen view.

Time Clock

Timesheets are automatically created when using the Time Clock. Have accurate start, end and break times.

Employee Groups

Online timesheets can be viewed via employee group. You can define unique employee groups such as employees from the same area, category, location, department or age group.

Award Rates, Above Award Rates or Custom Rates

Uses Award Rates, Above Award Rates or your own custom rates. Or choose to have employees on No Award then specify their own rate or no rate.

Pay Rules

Award rules already built in. Timesheet pay calculator instantly calculates the Award wage for you including ordinary, overtime, penalties, loadings and allowances.

Print or Email Timesheets

Print or email timesheets with a message directly to employees. Email one or all your employees their timesheets. Free unlimited emails.

Quick menu

Right mouse click on a Wage Timesheet to Approve, see matching Roster, History or Pay Breakdown with Award Rule Sections.

Normal or Absorption Method

Use normal or the absorption method to calculate pay. Choose to absorb overtime, penalty rates, allowances, loadings and annual leave loading.

Copy to the Future

Past timesheets can be copied to the future. All timesheets details are copied including shift specifics, leave type and meal breaks. Timesheet template ready for all future dates.

Easier Timesheets.