Time Logic's Time Clock Can Be Used On Any Mobile Device

Time Clock

Online Bundy Time Clock on any mobile device, tablet or PC. Auto-generated Timesheets. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Any Mobile Device

Track employee start and end times using a Live Bundy Time Clock set up on any internet enabled device. Use on-site on any mobile device, tablet or PC.

Improve Punctuality

Improve employee punctuality by having a live Time Clock. Employees have an individual PIN code to clock in or clock out.

Break Times

Employees can use the Time Clock to clock in or clock out for breaks. This ensures working times are accurate.

Automatic Timesheets

Timesheets are automatically created for you when employees clock in and clock out, saving time of creating Timesheets manually.

Pay Calculator

Use the Time Clock and Timesheets with or without the built-in Pay Calculator. Able to create employees with No Award and no base rate if using just the Time Clock.

Print or Email Employees

Print or email timesheets created from the Time Clock with a message directly to employees. Email one or all your employees. Free unlimited emails.

Clocked In Visibility

Who's currently clocked in is displayed so that employees can see other team members. This can also be minimised if preferred.

Notice Board

Display employee announcements on the virtual notice board, shown on the Time Clock page. Announcements are easily updated and refreshed.

Current Time

The current time is displayed and can be used as a clock. Employees can also see what time they are clocking in / clocking out.

Time and Attendance

Track time and attendance by using an online Bundy Time Clock. Employees have an individual PIN code to clock in or clock out.

Your Pay Cycle

Daily, weekly and monthly views of Timesheets created by the Time Clock start on your Pay Cycle First Day.

Quick menu

Right mouse click on a Timesheet created by the Time Clock to Approve and see the History. Wages are calculated where the employee has a base rate.

Online Time Clock.