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Rostering using easy drag and drop with instant breakdown of costs. Unlimited employee emails included. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Drag And Drop Rostering

Drag And Drop Rostering means easier rostering and less typing. Rosters can then be moved around and resized. Roster template for any date.

1-Click Rostering

1-Click Rostering with chosen employee colours makes rostering simple and quick to do. Rosters can then be moved around and resized. Roster template ready.

Graphical Rosters

Rostering software with graphical rosters. Roster employees with colours and instantly see who's rostered when. View employees by employee group.

Resize Rosters

Resize rosters to create longer or shorter shifts. Shift wage breakdowns and total wages updated instantly. See the affect of any changes immediately.

Built-in Rules

Award rules already built in with Award rostering requirements. Instant notifications are given when employees are over rostered or when an Award rule is broken.

Future Rosters

Copy current or past rosters to the future with a click of a button. All details are copied including scheduled breaks and leave. Your roster template can be copied to all future dates.

Break times

Plan break times for employees. Roster rules also check whether the meal or rest breaks are too early or late in the shift or too short.

Email Rosters

Unlimited employee emails of rosters. Email one or all your employees their rosters at the same time.

Print Rosters

Printable online rosters that can be pinned up and put on an employee notice board which adhere with Fair Work requirements.

Real-time Wage Costs

Real-time budgeted wage costs shown instantly. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Budgeted Wages updated automatically. Roster template ready for all future dates.

Your Pay Cycle

Daily, weekly and monthly views start on your Pay Cycle First Day. Budgeted wage totals are calculated from your chosen Pay Cycle First Day.

Employee Groups

View online rosters by employee group to easily roster by department or location. Employees can be in multiple employee groups.

Easier Rosters.