Use Award Rates or Above Award Rates


Generate payslips using the Express Payslips tool or directly from your Timesheets. Use Award rates or your own custom rates. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Payslip Generator

Free online Payslip Generator to create Australian payslips, that can be printed or emailed to employees.

Fair Work Compliant

Payslips have all the required fields set out by Fair Work including Superannuation contributions. Also add payments such as reimbursements directly to payslips.

Updated Automatically

Payslips are updated automatically according to the dates chosen. Wages match Approved Timesheets so there are no surprises when it comes to payday.

Print or Email Employees

Payslips can be printed or emailed to employees with a click of a button. Unlimited free emails.

PDF Generation

Payslip PDF's can be saved or can be emailed to employees as an email attachment. Unlimited free payslip PDF generation.

Superannuation Contribution

Superannuation on Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) already calculated and are on payslips saving you time.

Removable Superannuation

Superannuation can be removed from payslips with a click of a button. This is useful where you don't need to pay superannuation to the employee.

Stored and Available

Payslips are stored so that past payslips may be reprinted or re-emailed to employees. Always have historic data at your fingertips.

Adjustments Easily Made

Correction of times or adjustments can be easily be made to Timesheets and payslips reprinted and emailed with a click of a button.


Have everything in one solution software. If a feature is missing, let us know and we will add it in for all customers - no extra charge.

Add Payments

Add payments directly to payslips to pay incentive based payments, bonuses, termination entitlements or reimbursements.

Add Deductions

Add deductions directly to payslips. For example, a uniform deduction, purchase of business stock, a fee, etc.

Year To Date Values

Year To Date values calculated for you from the employees last payslip, making it easier and saving you time.

Leave Balances

Annual Leave, Personal Leave and Long Service Leave Balances can be added to a payslip or left blank if you are wanting to leave it out.

Generate Payslips.