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Employee Management

Manage your employees through an online platform that also calculates Award wages using Award Rates. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Free Online Platform

Time Logic is free for up to 10 employees. This reduces your costs and gives you an online platform that you can use from anywhere.

Easy to Update

Time Logic is simple to use and easy to always be up-to-date with your employees details.

Group Employees

Group your employees to your own defined groups. For example, by city name, department or pay grade. An employee can be in multiple groups.

Search Employees

Search for a specific employee or order your employee lists for fast access.

Colour Code Employees

Have a specific colour for each employee. This makes it quick to reference and find an employee.

Keep Notes

Keep private notes on employees including performance management and any other details that you do not want your employee to view.

Emergency Contacts

Have employee emergency contacts at your fingertips in the event where you may need to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Employee Category and Classification

Specify your employee's Category including Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual and Temporary and specify your employee's Classification Level.

Super Details

Enter employee's super details which is automatically inserted into future generated payslips.

Specific Classes

Specify whether the employee is an apprentice, trainee, in school or on a supported wage.

Base Rates

Calculate the employees Award Base Rate instantly. No need to look up tables and enter rates. All rates are automatically updated.

Employee Management.