Award Pay Time Breakdown for Each Shift

Award Interpretation

Award Interpretation: use an Online Award Pay Calculator to calculate correct Award wages using Award Rates. Free for up to 10 employees.

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Fair Work Compliant

Overtime, penalties, loadings and allowances calculated according to employee's Award. Award Rule sections given for your reference.

Always Updated

Time Logic is always updated with Fair Work changes so you can be assured that your pay rules are always correct.

Rate Updates

Award rates updated automatically. Past rates are kept so past entries always have the correct values even when making changes or editing past Rosters / Timesheets.

Views Updated Automatically

Daily, weekly and monthly breakdown amounts calculated instantly. End of period Budgets and end of period Actuals seen instantly.

Your Pay Cycle

Your Pay Cycle First Day is the first day in Daily, weekly and monthly views. Budgeted and actual totals are computed from your Pay Cycle First Day.

Multiple Awards

Employees with different awards can be viewed in the same Roster / Timesheet view enabling you to calculate total wages for all your employees.

Calculated instantly

Drag and drop Roster / Timesheet then hover over the entries to find instant calculated wages with corresponding Award Interpretation and Award Rule sections.

Roster Rules

Roster rules ensures employees have the required breaks between shifts, checks weekly employee hours and number of consecutive days.

Printable Rosters

Printable Rosters that adhere to Fair Work's requirements. Past rosters always available, reprintable and can be referenced.

Interpretation History

Past Award calculations with their Award Rule sections are saved. Know how and why a penalty, loading or allowance was paid to an employee.

Award Rates, Above Award Rates or Custom Rates

Use Award Rates, Above Award Rates or your own custom rates. Or choose to have employees on No Award then specify their own rate or no rate.

Normal vs. Absorption Method

Employees pay can be calculated using all award rules or using the absorption method. You can absorb penalty rates, overtime, allowances, annual leave loading and loadings.

Award Interpretation.